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Developed in a New Zealand pharmacy with one thing in mind; to provide a range of products for dry or sensitive skin using gentle, nontoxic ingredients. Cubita Skincare unlocks the power of Pumpkin Seed Oil (PSO) to comfortably keep the skin in its powerful repair mode at all times.

The results

Within four days

A remarkable transformation after applying the Rich Moisturising Cream for 4 days. This handsome boy's family had tried everything to help his skin and nothing had helped until they started using Cubita Skincare.

Within four days

This wonderful transformation was the result of applying the Rich Moisturising Cream frequently and washing with the Goat's Milk Soap. The combination helped maintain the level of moisture required to trigger the healing process.

Within five days

This was achieved by using the Rich Moisturising Cream after cleansing with our Goat's Milk Soap. Minimising irritation while maintaining the optimal amount of moisture to allow the skin to breathe and heal.

What makes us different.

How it works.

Cubita Skincare Rich Moisturising Cream
Cubita Oil Concentrate

Unlocking the power of PSO.


Created for severely dry, cracked or broken skin, our Oil Concentrate can be applied on any part of the body. Leave overnight and watch it do it's magic. All the goodness without the nasty chemicals. Suitable for all ages. Apply directly to the affected areas or add a few drops to your favorite moisturiser.

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Give your skin a splash of softness with our oil infused goat's milk soap. Designed to keep a layer of moisture on the skin long after the washing process. Leaves the skin so soft that you may forget to moisturise. Join our many customers who are addicted to this soap. We promise that if you do not share the same love for it we will refund you your money.

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Instantly became our number one seller. A fragrance free, non irritating formula that has taken us a few attempts to perfect. If you are tired of creams that are either too greasy or just feel heavy and thick, this is for you. Can be used on the face, under makeup or any part of the body that requires moisture. Suitable for the entire family and for all skin types.

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happy customers

After only 3 days of using these products I have had dramatic results. I can't remember the last time my skin has been this good. So glad I found this product and would recommend to anyone searching for an eczema treatment that actually works. The oil almost instantly stops the flare ups, backed up with the moisturiser and soap bar, I am sure this treatment can help so many sufferers

Mat Sefo

So thankful that I stumbled upon Cubita! I had been suffering from eczema on my lips for about 6 months and had tried numerous products but none of them worked. The Cubita skin relief kit has completely cleared the redness and dry skin plus all of the products are so nice to use that they are now part of my daily skincare routine. Thank you so much for creating such incredible products!

Carla Moulden

"The oil has had an enormous impact on my eczema. I have had years and years of built up scarring and the oil has started to chip away at it. Using the soap bar in the shower is also amazing and I no longer come out of the shower with dried out itchy skin. The lotion is great but sadly the price is too high for me to use regularly. I can't say how much I love these products, they are having a life changing effect on my skin and my overall happiness"

Liam Kelly

"I just want to say how amazing the transformation of my skin is in such a short amount of time! Thank you for making a product that actually works"

Nic Laughton

"I can't thank you guys enough, in 2 months my face has become clear and free from eczema. Love this product"

Priyesh Gounder

"Fast delivery, received next working day. I am loving the products. I have sensitive skin and have had no reaction. Thank you"

Karen Leece

Their soaps are excellent on my dry, deyhydrated, scaly skin. I use it on my face and body. I have bought all kinds of expensive face cream but during winter they all bail out! I use hyaluronic acid and then the cream on my face and it keeps my face hydrated and protected through the day. I LOVE this!

Gek McGregor

"I like how the cream and the oil absorb into the skin nicely and last much longer than the products you get on prescription"

Ara Moeke

"This stuff is honestly some of the best stuff i have ever used on my skin. I could really see the difference in a matter of days. Nothing has ever worked the way it say it does quite like your stuff"

Gracie Wilson

Every little bit counts.

At Cubita, we acknowledge that plastic is one of the major modern world disasters. Although it provides a cost effective and durable way to deliver some of our products we can clearly see the damage it is creating. With over 4000 units sold, we continue to support The Ocean Clean up initiative with a portion of our profits. Our ultimate mission is to eventually get to 100% recyclable packaging.